GATOR Tear-off Machine removes old flat roofs faster and cleaner than other methods.

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The GATOR Tear-off Machine removes old flat roofs faster and cleaner than other methods. This Tear-off roof peeler is equipped with an 18-inch Dual-Action Cutting Blade (DACB) for better cutting with a slicing action. Unlike other tear-off equipment with a ramming action the Gator DACB Eraser slices as it cuts through even the toughest flat roofs quicker, leaving you with less to clean up. The Eraser has less vibration and pounding that is common with ramming-action equipment and will give a far better superior service. The Eraser positive self-aligning tool steel cutting blade stays in contact with roof decks.


The ERASER Roofing Tear-off Machine

  • Honda 13 Hp engine with electric start
  • Oil level alert
  • Panel mounted throttle and user-friendly drive control
  • Steel unitized frame all joints reinforced and welded
  • Two 4″ 1 1/2″ bronze blade bushings with a DOM thick wall tube
  • Hardened Tool Steel 18-inch blade with the dual-action cutting ability
  • Hydrostatic Transmission for instant forward and reverse
  • Engine and Transmission direct coupled with the cooling fan
  • Easy change blade drive belt ( just unbolt engine base lean back to replace blade drive belt)
  • Variable speed control
  • Hi-torque transaxle with solid rubber cleated tires
  • Filter fluid transmission for low heat and longer life.
  • Five grease fittings on blade drive for easy service.
  • Engine fully covered to help control dust contamination.
  • 85″ Long x 44″ height x 30″ wide
  • Weight 520 LBS.



Additional information

Weight600 lbs
Dimensions85 × 44 × 30 in


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