Billy Goat Grazor GZ401H


Billy Goat Grazor GZ401H


Billy Goat Grazor GZ401H

Grazor from Billy Goat is an invaluable tool for sealing contractors. It removes vegetation and other debris from cracks and crevices. Before laying down crack filler and applying sealant.  Unlike cheap lawn edgers that weren’t designed for this application the Grazor has. Its robust construction and balanced platform make cleaning cracks less of a chore.

The pulley ratio developed for maximum cutting torque without belt slippage or early sheave wear. Engineered for the demands of the pavement industry. The Grazor rips through ragged crack and crevices at a rate of 5 feet every 15 seconds.


  • Engine Description Honda OHV
  • Weight (lbs.) 84
  • Front Wheels (in.) 5
  • Rear Wheels (in.) 8
  • Width (in.) 19
  • Brush (in.) 8 Wire 


Billy Goat

Additional information

Weight84 lbs
Dimensions42 × 19 × 39 in


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